Why We Are Kicking Gas Out of Our Builds

April 28, 2021, by Isabelle Nagel-Brice

The decision to choose gas or electric has been a topic of discussion for some time now. We are committed to no longer including gas in our builds and it usually comes up when we consult and begin the initial process of designing a kitchen remodel or a new home. This is often a big question for our clients - especially the home chefs, and we have a lot to say about it.

Through tactful marketing, gas stoves and ranges have become one of the most prized appliances in a new kitchen or high end home. A gas range has become a symbol of status and is known as the “best” for perfecting recipes with an exacting range of temperatures and quick responsiveness. However, induction electric ranges are more efficient, faster, cleaner, and easier to use, which is why they are now widely available; eliminating the need for a gas stove and oven from a utilitarian standpoint. 

We focus on high performance building and our carbon footprint through the materials we select and the designs we create, which is why we are not fans of gas. Each item and system we include in our buildings will be there for a very long time, and we consciously take the future impact into consideration. From an environmental perspective and a health standpoint, gas in new buildings does not make sense. 

Research and studies are finding how cooking with gas releases pollutants into our air and negatively affects our indoor air quality. Indoor air quality for the most part is unregulated and gas inside our homes is leading to respiratory illnesses and diseases like asthma in children. Despite proper ventilation systems and air filters, this is not a risk we want to encourage.

Renewable energy is the way forward and as we switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy we must choose appliances and home systems that support this shift. We promise to do our best to continue educating and offering ideal alternatives to each new client we work with. Here are some research findings and articles to help further our understanding of the significant impacts that gas is making in our homes. 

We’ve also been consulting on Emily Henderson’s new farmhouse renovation and she just wrote a wonderful post about going all electric. So, thanks Emily for inspiring us to write a quick blog on the topic. 

Rocky Mountain Institute - Gas Stoves: Health and Air Quality Impacts and Solutions

The Sierra Club - Cooking With Gas Hurts Your Wallet and Your Health

The New York Times - Your Gas Stove Is Bad for You and the Planet


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