Addressing climate change doesn't have to focus solely on new buildings...

All homes have potential for improvement, and we would love to help you get there with yours. 

The Benefits of Retrofitting:

Long Lasting & Durable Structures

Healthy and High Quality Indoor Air

Exceptional Comfort

Resiliency In The Face of Heat Waves & Power Outages

Lasting Value

Upgraded Architectural Value

Our Unique Offering:

Work with our retrofit specialists to reduce your home's carbon impact.

Work with our designers to enhance your home's aesthetic, layout and function.

Our experienced construction team will craft your project from start to finish.

Balancing Form and Mission:

We strive to create beautiful, thoughtful designs that address climate change.

We are only taking on projects with a focus on energy efficiency, electrification and renewables.

If interested, please get in touch with us today to find out how to make your home a part of the global solution.

Retrofit Projects

Retrofit Podcast 

Check out the Retrofit Podcast, a new show powered by Green Building Advisor, dedicated to diving deep into the world of sustainability and building improvement. It is hosted by our very own Ryan Shanahan and airs every other Friday. Listen wherever podcasts are found!