Our Team

We are an experienced team of architects, builders, craftspeople, and managers. We strive for excellence in everything we do. That means being up to date on the latest innovations in building science (lucky for us, continuing education is part of the package at Birdsmouth), and creating long lasting relationships with our clients, subcontractors, and everyone along the supply chain. We're known for our commitment to quality, and for being leaders in the high performance building movement-- minimizing the sizeable impact the built environment has on our changing climate.  

  • Joshua Salinger Joshua Salinger
    Joshua Salinger
    Founder + CEO
    SHP | Certified Passive House Builder
  • Ben Valentin Ben Valentin
    Ben Valentin
    CPHC | Certified Passive House Builder
  • Jessica Canales Jessica Canales
    Jessica Canales
    Project Manager
    Sustainable Homes Professional | Certified Passive House Builder | LEED AP
  • Ryan Shanahan Ryan Shanahan
    Ryan Shanahan
    Zero Energy Retrofits Manager
    Phius Rater, CPHC
  • Carole Moore Carole Moore
    Carole Moore
    Office Manager/Bookkeeper
  • Jon Blandin Jon Blandin
    Jon Blandin
    Site Manager
  • John Botts John Botts
    John Botts
    Site Manager
    Sustainable Homes Professional | Certified Passive House Builder
  • Air Seal! Air Seal!
    Air Seal!
  • Tammy Dunn Tammy Dunn
    Tammy Dunn
    Project Architect
    RA | Sustainable Homes Professional | Certified Passive House Builder
  • Fidel Lino Fidel Lino
    Fidel Lino
  • Johnathan Pape Johnathan Pape
    Johnathan Pape
    Sustainable Homes Professional
  • Neal DeGhetaldi Neal DeGhetaldi
    Neal DeGhetaldi
    Lead Carpenter
    Certified Passive House Builder
  • Eben Bell Eben Bell
    Eben Bell
    Lead Carpenter
  • Ben Serreau-Raskin Ben Serreau-Raskin
    Ben Serreau-Raskin
  • Dianna Faulk Dianna Faulk
    Dianna Faulk
    Apprentice Carpenter
    Sustainable Homes Professional

Birdsmouth grew out of our passion for building well-­designed, environmentally-conscious living spaces that stand the test of time. We embrace new technologies and building approaches while remaining true to our basic principles of high quality materials, craftsmanship and personalized service. Whether we design your project or work with your architect’s plans, we are committed to helping turn your vision into reality.

If you have a project in mind or would simply like to learn more about our services, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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