Thank you, Jonathan!

July 15, 2019

With the Going Street Commons Project finally becoming a physical reality, we would like to take some time and acknowledge a person who is no longer working with us, but who was instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

Jonathan Lundstrom did a lot of the original Going Street Commons work, from concept through site development. However, the sheer volume of his work on the GSC mixed with the need of this blog to have some measure of brevity, means that we will present his accomplishment in point form to make it easier to grasp.

-Original site layout concepts
-Road placement
-House locations
-Allocation for open space and gardens
-Solar exposure
-Deconstruction permits
-Property line adjustments
-City and county recordings and plattings
-Worked with Ben Valentin and Josh Salinger on the basic concepts for the home’s architecture and floorplans.
-Created project budget and spreadsheet with a very in depth pro-forma for investors and interest calculations.
-Public Outreach and Marketing
-Attended public hearings and neighborhood meetings
-All necessary writing and research
-Coordinated with:
-Civil engineers
- Landscape designers
-City bureaus
-Fire officials
-Traffic counts
-City utilities
And yet, these are not the greatest of his contributions, because Jonathan also handled the Planned Development Application (PDA).  Superficially, this is just a simple 2 page application, but in reality it is a culmination of hundreds of hours of research in coordination with civil engineers, landscape architects, city bureaus, fire officials, traffic counts, arborists, city utilities, neighborhood groups, amongst many others. 

Naturally, you have to have support documents to go with this kind of application, so Jonathan also prepared a very detailed, 16-page write up explaining, in depth, how we addressed every aspect of the city's requirements for planned developments.

Jonathan now works at Green Hammer, where he can continue to see his work on the Going Street Commons project come to its ultimate conclusion.  We really appreciate your hard work, and wish to express our gratitude to making this project become a reality! 

Thank you, Jonathan!



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